cook field cleaner 0.2 litre

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A combined cleaning and preservative agent are special for cool top platforms (Ceran) and enamelled cook fields and surfaces.

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High concentrate for all cleaning on textilen linings, like carpets, pad furniture, imitation leather, etc.. To use in combination with the hand cleaner brush.
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Nirosta cleaner 0.5 liters
removes lime, streaks and linings. Is a cleaning product, which is particularly suitable for the current cleaning of Nirosta and similar materials. Cleans and protects at the same time. Removes lime, streaks and linings of all kinds and produces a matte gloss.
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for cases apparently offering no prospects solves guarantees all burned and verkrusteten baking arrears. Is particularly suitable for stealing and black plates, baking sheet metals as well as forms. Can be used in the dipping and spraying procedure.

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Tile smell available in Blumig, herbs and lemon of 0,2 litres

High-quality room air-better on basis of vegetable flavour oils. Valuable planting and bloom excerpts provide for several-day-long continuous smell. Works disinfecting.

Please when ordering unbeding 303B = Blumig, 303K = herbs, 303Z = lemon indicates smell note

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